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You're admired for treating everyone with the same respect. You're likely to conjure up something that doesn't exist yet.

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This makes you ahead of your time in the realm of creativity. It's important to follow your inspiration, despite what mainstream art and culture of the day is promoting. You get noticed because you're so off-beat and original. And people respect the way you stand up for justice or champion the underdog, even if it puts you in the line of fire. It's easy to be with you because you're not going to get critical or bring up the emotional past. You seem to dwell above that, and this lends your relationships a sense of space and respect.

You're never boring since you respond in a spontaneous way to each moment. You're attracted to those that are quirky individuals in their own right. Above all, you're looking for an intellectual rapport, someone you can take journeys of the mind with. The background is not important, and you may end up with someone from a very different culture. You'll thrive with a mate that lets you go out with all your other friends. You're looking for a partner that's your number one friend among many.

You don't want a conventional life and might shy away from marriage until later in life. The six Solar combinations, shown at left and illustrated in Gallery 3 , are. Finally, another six combined types are prevalent. These occur when the outlying Earth type combines with a pure type. Earth combinations are as common among humanity as Solar combinations. I am still collecting information and photos of Earth combinations, so for now they are treated as pure types.

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Eg my mother, a Venus-Earth type, is included among the Venus type photos. The Enneagram and the eight pure energy types. The Enneagram and its six internal energy combinations. The Enneagram and the six Solar combinations. Zoom in on any type by going into its gallery of portraits and descriptions. The more examples you encounter in pictorial form and in real life, the sooner you will learn to recognize the different types of human being. Knowing your type according to your god or planet will point to your strengths and enable you to better know and accept yourself.

Please feel free to e-mail your suggestions for more examples to be included in the galleries.

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By all means ask for identification of yourself. Information on Body Types is curiously scant. The following three books are the major modern sources and highly recommended for further study. Beaconsfield first published , source of the line drawings in these pages. Body Types Joel Friedlander, publ. The Taurus is saccharine sweet and it's just impossible not to love her, while the Libra is a bit more guarded but really solid as a rock and very genuine, once you get her to let down her guard. I had a similar experience with a Taurus before where we became the best of friends very fast and were spending so much time together that it was like we were dating, but then we had one bad argument and the whole thing imploded and we haven't hung out since.

I can't see that happening with this Taurus at all, but you never know.

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I know that with "fixed" women, you hit their sore spot and it's game over. I'd like to avoid that if I could, but I know that sun sign squares can be tricky to navigate. I think that with her airy moon, though, you know, she wouldn't lose her temper as quickly or as ferociously as the Taurus from my past did.

Being a volatile Uranian myself, I don't respond well to losses of temper. In terms of physicality, the Taurus has a very earthy beauty, that's true. She has very large breasts and looks like a real earth mama. She often foregoes makeup.

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The Libra, though, has that very glamorous beauty, even when she's not trying. Her skin is flawless. Her hair is long and perfect.

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Her proportions are modelesque she's 6'1. Nothing on her is large, everything is in proportion.

Libras are lighter than Taureans. Taurus, natural, dark and more sensual beauty. Libras are more peaceful loving, more diplomatic, more intellectual than Taurus. Taurus is more sexual and more down to earth than Libra.

Taurus has a darker side than Libra Libra not so much. Taurus and Libra are both lovers of beauty and can both please their partners well Libra being the ruler of the 7th house is more relationship orientated. Every person I've befriended this year has been a Libra or Taurus. Yes of course and you probably have a libra like personality as well?

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