Taurus third decan monthly horoscope

Meanwhile, go-getter Mars enters partnership-oriented Libra on October 4, placing the emphasis on teamwork and fairness as our source of motivation.

Your advice for month October 12222 for the sign of for Taurus

Though with Mars not being too comfortable visiting a Venus-ruled sign like Libra, we may have some difficulties with setting boundaries or sticking to a plan as Libra is a sign that can sometimes be challenged by indecisiveness and thinking of others first. However, with love planet Venus in Scorpio for most of the month beginning October 8 , relationships and their challenges will be hard to ignore this month as Venus in Scorpio craves soul-baring intimacy and honesty within her connections to others.

At best, Venus in Scorpio can help us to suss out the relationships that are worth fighting for and those that aren't. By the 13th, the intensity in the air will be hard to ignore thanks to the Full Moon in fiery and headstrong Aries.

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This full moon calls us to find the courage to release anything that we're not totally passionate about or anything that feels inauthentic or makes us doubt who we are. By the 27th, the New Moon in Scorpio paves the way for us to better trust our instincts, seek out the healing we need, and find our inner strength, as well as deepen and establish healthier emotional connections with others. Though with communicative Mercury which is in Scorpio beginning on October 3 scheduled to go retrograde on the 31st, this month isn't necessarily the month for initiating anything new but for removing all of the obstacles that can prevent us from successfully doing so.

This month, your relationships are where you'll be expending most of your energy whether it's teaming up with those that fuel you or being pushed to address any problems or simmering tension with others. In some cases you may need to release connections that lack intimacy, depth, or reciprocity.

Financially, it's time to get your books in order. Expect your schedule to be packed this month, which is why you need to be proactive about taking care of your health and well-being. Since partnership is highlighted for you now, don't discount the help or support of others, even if you have to ask for it. A beautiful relationship could blossom. Though your value isn't contingent on how much you do. You're called to find more of a balance this month between your work life and responsibilities and your need for fun.

In what ways can you bring more beauty to your everyday life while still performing acts of self-care that involve handling things you may want to avoid? Still, joy is a form of self-care.

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Meanwhile, an unhealthy friendship may need to be released. Love and adventure are on the focus this month as you're encouraged to get out and play. If single, you could meet someone new, while coupled Cancers will be inspired to rekindle the spark. In terms of your creativity, now's also a good time to engage your passions. Career-wise, you could hit a milestone. With family or roommates, boundaries are needed. You might find yourself feeling more introspective and self-reflective this month as your family and your personal life are brought to the spotlight.

October 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Taurus

Now's the time for seeking the emotional nourishment and healing that you need. Look to ways that you can make your home more of a sanctuary.

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  7. Learning a new skill or area of study can be refreshing. Do not give up.

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    The 3rd, your goals and ambitions are gaining momentum after a long period of reflection. The Second Week, The 7th, open the dialogue to defend your autonomy without dissociating yourself from everyone. Your efforts to manage the daily routine are vain and this statement plunges your morale.

    Do not be discouraged, on the contrary. The 12th, take a step towards the other to convince them that your thirst for autonomy is not contrary to the love you have for them. If you are single, try your luck but do not display your independence too much. The 13th, it is by using strategy that you will evolve your business.

    The full Moon recommends that you think about what your loved ones are hoping for. The Third Week, The 14th, your words reassure and they give you self-confidence. Between everyday life, your usual tasks, and your vision of the world, there is a gap that seems impassable to you but it is not.

    Taurus Ascendant Horoscope

    The 15th, you inspire others by making them dream about your projects. The 19th, it is through dialogue that you will succeed in making yourself understood. Feel free to start the debate. The 20th, you score points thanks to your desire to please everyone.

    The Fourth Week, The 21st, there is love in the air, an ideal becomes clearer and allows you to close ranks, rekindle the flame, or seduce. In business, this is the right time to conclude for your benefit. The 25th, it is through smooth communication and a willingness to cooperate that you will get out of the impasse. The 27th, give up imposing your methods if you do not want to turn your interlocutors against you, it would be a pity.

    The 28th, the new Moon urges you to join in.