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Unexpected gifts and presents from relatives and friends. Much sought after as an author, meditation; yoga teacher with the Art of Living Foundation, and astrological consultant, he regularly presents at Astrology conferences both in the US and abroad. Barry is well known for the depth of his research into a variety of astrological arenas including Vedic Astro-locality the effects your current physical location has on your chart , connecting astrology to hatha yoga for therapeutic purposes and developing transformational healing to move one through karma.

Barry feels that Vedic astrology should be used for spiritual upliftment. Further information on his astrological services and workshops can be found at www. Here in this vast mountain range under serene blue skies, you will find beauty to feed your soul and peace to ease your mind. Rather than bore you with some marketing talk, here are actual guests sharing extraordinary moments from their stay. Retreat Type Retreat Type. Retreat Month All Year. The Technique If you are an astrologer and know how to run a chart, you create a birth chart for a person using the longitude and latitude of the new location.

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Let Yourself Unwind. View the Visitors' Guide. Tamas indicates a life led on a practical, worldly level and you may be bound to your earthly desires. Tamasic people have a mental attitude that emphasises sensuality. The attainment of sensual gratification could be important to you.

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Attainment of such desires creates a cycle of fulfilment and dissatisfaction. The light of spiritual insight will help you move beyond the darkness. Sattva is the attribute of purity and lucidity. You put others first and lead a compassionate and orderly life. The attainment of self-realisation is important you.

You do well to balance the other two gunas and mostly utilise them well. You probably find it quite easy to do self-inquiry and meditation. You follow the light and your intuition. You believe in purity of being, thought and action. While sattva is thought to be the most ideal guna to have, too much of it can make us dysfunction in the physical world.

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