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WordPress Shortcode. Rajeev Shrivastav , Writer Follow. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. As per the client's reviews, Rajat Nayar is one of the best astrologers in India. Avantika Sharma Rajat Nayar is one of the best astrologers in India. I have consulted him many times regarding my career tips and other things. He gave me useful advice which actually helped me to make my life better. I also read the reviews about Rajat Nayar reviews. As per my experience, Rajat Nayar is the best astrologer. I was very upset because my marriage was not fixed and all the proposals for marriages who are came get canceled next day every time.

Then one of my friends tells me to consult with Rajat Nayar and I told him everything about my problem related to my marriage.

After listening me he gives some suggestions and told to follow them. I follow all the suggestions given by him and I get married very soon and now I enjoy my married life lots. I just want to say thanks to Rajat Ji, and friends if anyone of you facing the same problems then you can also follow the www.

His prediction and calculation was correct approx all of time. I really always try to consult him before starting any big step. I would like to suggest to go on www. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. How to choose best astrologer in india rajat nayar reviews 1.

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These are the times when an astrologer, someone who has absolute knowledge of astrology and related fields such as numerology, palmistry, horoscope reading and Vastu Shastra can help you change your life for better. But when it comes to choosing an astrologer, you need to be very cautious, as only the best ones, with expertise in the field can bring positive changes. And when it comes to choosing the best astrologer in India, then nobody is better than celebrity astrologer, Rajat Nayar. Rajat Nayar, the astrologer is a man known for bringing the concept of spelling change in the society.

According to Nayar, no two persons are same, no two problems are same. Astrologer in Delhi. My family, and my relatives all of us following his guidance since 14 years. We have got many benefits with this guruji ; he has lots of divine knowledge in astrology and Vastu Shastra. Ramananda Best and famous Astrologer in Delhi. He knows palmistry also. He is a person with good understanding of horoscope reading, numerology astrology. And is a very experienced person in his field. But he is very busy and has very little time to spare.

But he is a very sincere person in his field and very hard working. I need to consult Best and famous Astrologer in Delhi. And I advised him to my friend he also got excellent results by consulting him. I wanted to share my experience and information about guruji. Best and Astrologer in Delhi. He can remove all your negatives in the life, that is my firm opinion. But guruji has no ad anywhere in India; everybody comes to by word of mouth. Not happening marriage? No proper job and finance?

Love failures? Professional tensionsns? Allways problems in the life? He never chared any fee till today for many people and not even fees for remedies he provides best remedies to you which will work very nicely. This is my personal experience with him make you of this service. He stays in Delhi Noida. He gives predictions only Sundays. So better if you want to go meet him then you have to take consultation before 2 to 3 days. Answer for Who is best astrologer in Delhi. I went to an astrologer called Krupa Varma. He was a very good astrologer but, took a long time to read my horoscope.

Except that he is perfect and advisable to all of you. And his remedies also worked perfectly in in time he said the solutions would start working. From the 9th day and that day I got a job offer. He is a very old person, Krupa Varma but a very good person. And I had no problems with him. Due to his age, he speaks very slowly. He is a good astrologer with very good knowledge of astrology, numerology, reads horoscope nicely. What I got to know him by my friend and when I was searching for astrologers on the internet I came to this site.

And help people. The only problem with him is his old age, and he takes 2 to 3 days to read the horoscope.


Except that he is a very nice astrologer. I feel bad for him he is a very good person. But death comes for every one some day. I know people will search for astrologers on the internet like me. So, I want to advise you some good and genuine astrologer. So, I am recommending Krupa Varma guruji to you. He is also little busy and always does his pujas. But he guides me when I need guidance for my remedies nicely.

I think I gave you some useful information. I visited tharungosh guruji for a prediction and analyzation of my horoscope. He took two days to check my horoscope, and he gave me some remedies. So, I performed cures for my horoscope, and they have worked very well for me.

Credentials at a glance:

I am also pleased to advise tharungosh sir to you all. Because he is a perfect and genuine palm reader, astrologer, and numerologist. He is good at everything related to astrology. Also, He is a very patient and calm person, and he listens to our queries very patiently. Answer for Who is best astrologer in Delhi reviews. I think I have met the best astrologer in the whole of Delhi. And I do believe Delhi is a pretty good place for astrologers there are many good astrologers in Delhi.

I think that customers would be delighted with his predictions. As I sure was pleased by his predictions. He also said what good things are there in my horoscope.

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  • He said foreign countries are good for me so now I settled in Dubai. Unfortunately, the first time I met another astrologer whom I suppose was fake. For people who need to know the proper astrologers, I am posting about tharungosh guruji. He reads horoscopes very quickly and efficiently.

    I need best astrologer in delhi Ncr or south Delhi please?

    I think I have given the information I needed to provide you with. I am pleased to help others. I went to an astrologer called Tharanayya. He was an excellent astrologer but took a long time to read my horoscope. And his remedies also worked perfectly in time he said the solutions would start working. He is a very old person, Tharanayya but a very good person.

    That now I know an astrologer. So, I am recommending Tharanayya guruji to you. I had visited an astrologer from Delhi he is a very good pandit ji ji he was an excellent astrologer with lots of knowledge about astrology and numerology etc.. This pandit ji had excellent knowledge of astrology. He will say our present situation accurately. He will guide us what to do in future. He is the best astrologer in Delhi. Pandit ji is the result of my search you will find out best astrologers in Delhi in my search I find out that most of them are fraud, but Pandit is not like that.

    His experience and excellence in his field will lead you the correct direction. And he gives the best predictions and remedies. I was delighted with his predictions. He is So honest, and the best astrologer I have met his projections are such accurate thanks to Pandit ji my life is now perfect after I performed remedies. So, I am recommending Pandit ji to you.

    And his fees are also very low so that anyone can afford a consultation with him. I am advising him to you because of all the reasons I have mentioned above in the paragraphs. Who is best astrologer in Delhi? Pandit Ji. I met is a unique blend of Knowledge of astrology. And things related to astrology. He is the master in the field. Of Astrology and is and very famous and well known.

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    Because of his great predictions. Like Swami Ji. Pandit Ji is growing fame day by day and he always got admiration but not a bad reputation. I have not seen one person not satisfied with him. Is for those who want to be able better understand. Their own lives and how the stars, planets, Zodiac. I have only recently become acquainted with Astrologer Pandit Ji. I must say to anyone seeking assistance in having an opportunity to gain a greater personal insight into their life. I am so happy because of what I got.

    Enlightenment about issues concerning my life has coupled with a presenting of several elements regarding my current problems and where I am in life currently. In my future which for the first time in all my life actually bring me a map incorporating everything into something. I am able to comprehend as a whole picture. I cannot tell you how happy.

    Who is best astrologer in Delhi reviews. Astronomy is the Study of the Location and Movements of Stars. It unfolds the uncertainties in life, reduces tensions and enables one to move in the Right Direction. An astrologer takes the basic information of the time of your birth to calculate how the planets aligned on the day you were born. From this, much can be psychologically explained.

    About who you are. This is how predictions are made. BS Rao, who is not only a tremendously talented but humble also. He started by preparing me for success. And slowly we grabbed all the right positive moments to achieve success in my work and relationships. The nature of questions asked by a person plays a vital role in the accurateness of the forecasts stated by the astrologer. The clearer the astrologer about the query, the chances of the precision in predictions are higher, which means, the person should be able to put up her issue very clearly.

    He has to explain his problem with all the relevant facts coupled with their background.