Arvind kejriwal vedic horoscope

Many people from the Government and outside the government can also be arrested for financial fraud. Some sudden mishaps and instability can also be seen as Mars is the dispositor of the very secretive Ketu. With Ketu any surprises are possible.

However, if we can overlook these exceptions, then we can confidently say that will be an influential year for India. Read Post a comment.

Sitaron Ke Sitaare: Horoscope Analysis Of Arvind Kejriwal By Astrolger Shailendra Pandey

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Political Downfall Awaits Arvind Kejriwal In The Near Future, Predicts Ganesha

All Comments Your Activity. I had made a prediction in November about Bhartiya Janta Party in hindi daily Dainik Jagran which came true today on the historical day 16th may when BJP came to power with huge majority. This prediction is still available in my blog and website.

I am providing the whole prediction again in which i had predicted that Congress will be finished and fade after due to corruption and BJP will again emerge after BJP will regain its lost glory after april as planet indicates Although I have predicted the same thing about BJP in my two earlier posts of the blog. But this time it was imminent to publish this because even BJP leaders are not sure about their future. They are getting defeats in every election. Daily a new dispute comes to surface. And even the public also thinks so the party workers are desperate.

The media is not taking the party seriously. Party and RSS are too disturbed.

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I had predicted that L. K Adwani will not be the next PM very before on 16th June when the mandate was in the favor…. Published in Political Predictions. Read more After that many incidents happened and most important was related to Jaswant Singh and Lalkrishna Adwani.

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From 7th april there will be some improvement and after 17th april there will not be such incidents in news. Moon being second lord is placed in the sixth house, house of fight, conflict. This moon is debilitated and aspected by retrograde mars from third house. I see a feud again in the party for almost 15 to 20 days from 20th march till 6th april I am giving this prediction after using more than two dasha phases, ashtakvargas, transits and few sensitive degrees i use for BJP.

And i always foresaw the infighting in the party very before the things happened. From few days there are some opposition in the party for the tickets. That time i wanted to give a separate prediction on Dr Murli Manohar Joshi but i did not write due to some reasons.

Only two days before i saw Bhartiya Janta Party is going to enter in the moon pratyantardasha phase. I have noticed that generally moon is very bad for BJP. Women politicians may be again vocal against the party high command. Few BJP leaders will behave like kids. I have already cautioned that women will be ominous for Narendra Modi.

On 1st of march I had given predictions on Arvind Kejriwal — Indian General Elections Part -4 i had clearly said that from 4th march Arvind Kejriwal will be in a very bad phase. He will be running in the Rahu phase and the Rahu is placed in the eighth house which will create problems and hurdles for him. After 1st march his image tarnished very much. In India Today programme he was humiliated and could not answer any question.

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He did not even an appointment to meet Gujrat chief minister Narendra Modi high voltage dramas at his home for tickets, allegations of using chartered plane of India Today Group. And yesterday an expose in which he and Punya Prasun Bajpayi seem making programmes for Aaj tak for him tarnished his image much. I my previous predictions i also had predicted him getting expected seats.

In the Dreshkanne chart Jupiter is Lagna Lord placed in Sagitarius and Mercury the 10th Lord placed in the 9th house , hence Dasha of Jup-Mercury will be most rewarding dasha in his life due to Poorva Punya Balam, but there will be struggles as well. The dasha of Jupiter-Ketu will also be good. We can see the results our selves his contesting the Assembly elections and coming out with flying colors and as per the 28th Dec. They are both strong in the dreshkanne chart and gives him strong determination.

Navamsha Lord of the 10th lord venus who is Vargottam is also Sun, hence the native has to be connected to Govt. Job or association with Government Specially when there is exchange of the 9th and 12th lord and 4 Jaimini Karkas involved in these signs. Mars is also the Lord of 10th Pad scorpio which is also the Shree Lagna. The Kendras from 10th Pad are having connection of benefics where as the 6th and 11th house have malefics from Scorpio, hence will give him sustaining strength, , but Lord deblitated and in Neecha Bhang Rajyoga will give success after hurdles.

From Lagna the 10th Lord is Venus and from Moon the 10th Lord is Saturn and both are connected by Jupiter the 5th and the 8th lord , hence he should take the advise of a close friend represented by Jupiter, will bring prosperity in his life, since Jupiter a benefic is connected , he will have a good tenure in his profession..

Jaimini Karkas making strong rajyogas.

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Retrograde Saturn is very good for profession. Saturns dispositor is Mars and Mars dispositor is Moon and getting connected to Saturn is very good , there are strong layers for Profession.. Bhavat Bhavam Aquarius is aspected by Benefics and shows the native will work through out his life, more so since the 10th house from moon and saturn are aspected by Lagna Lord and Mars who are forming strong Raj yogas and its Lord is also as pected by Benefic Jupiter. There is also Neecha Bhang Rajyoga for Saturn and Saturn Retrograde in Aries is also not considered very bad, hence aasociates may initially pose hurdles and bring bad image for him, and ultimately , he may be successful.

Indu Lagna The sign is Cancer and when Jupiter transits in this sign in June is a sure rise in status for the native.. In Rudramsha this sign is in the 11th house and Jupiter Transit in Cancer sign can Prove very beneficial for the native , since Indu Lagna Lord Moon is Placed in the 10th house of this chart and Jupiter is Transitting over it at the moment and has given him the status of a Chief minister of Delhi.

Mars will enter the 8th house of this chart in transit on the 4th Feb. This period will strengthen his position for Power. Arvind Kejriwal Jupiter and Mercury are well placed in Navamsha as well, In Dashamsha Jupiter is deblitated , Shastra says , even if a planet is deblitated in Dashamsha but in own house or Exh.

According to me he may have to suffer strugglesin the begining , but he has not to look back, the only precaution he has to take is as the 7th Lord Saturn and who is also DaraKarka is Retrograde and Deblitated, but also Vargottam.

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He has to take care of the insiders in the party who could revolt against him and also spoil his image. His Jupiter-Mercury and Jupiter- Ketu Periods will be one of the best periods in his life , which will place him in a much higher orbit of his career and with much higher status. I would not be surprised if he will come up well with flying colors in the General elections and may become the King maker in the formation of the Govt. I am predicting this since Mercury the Antar dasha lord is again foming a Yoga as 10th lord placed in the 9th house making the Poorva Janma to fructify in this Janma as per Dreshkanne chart.

There are various Dhan yogas also in the chart which make the chart very. The Dasha of Aquarius-Aquarius, starting from will pose struggles, since 8th from Atma Karka and 12th from Karakamsha Lagna, but being the 7th house from Lagna and 11th from Tara Lagnamand 10th house Scorpio haveing strong Rajyogas will gear up for his higher status in life. The native will work for his family and the Shruti and Samriti the 2nd house which is hard disc of our life and Principles Taught to him at home will surface out.

The Lagna Lord Mercury and the 9th Lord of this chart Venus are forming a strong Rajyoga of Dharmadipati and Karmadhipati, they are also forming a strong dhan yoga in the birth chart in the Lagna. Since Moon is Placed in the 4th house in the nakshatra of Venus who is placed in the 2nd house in its own house with Mercury the 10th and the Lagna Lord forming a strong Rajyoga with the anatr dasha Lord and in the 11th from Moon is bound to give him a special Rise in status in life , specially as mentioned above Venus and Mercury are also associated in the Lagna of the birth chart.

There is no looking back for the native. The only problem in this chart is the placement of the Maha Dasha Lord Jupiter who is Placed in the 12th house of this chart , will give him hurdles in the begining, but as it is strong in the navamsha and inits own MT sign will also bestow power wealth and Status. As Per the Year August to August is concerned , will also bestow power and wealth, but he has to take full care for his security , since the Lagna Lord Sun in this chart is eclipsed and moon will be in the Nakshatra of Sun and Sun in Moon nakshatra.

At the mement placed in the 7th house from natal Moon and having 3 Bhinashtak Varga scores 2. Transit Saturn will become Retrograde on the 1st March and give the results of the previous house , hence will give the results as if in the 6th house so will Mars be. Transit of Jupiter is at the moment in the 3rd house is a friendly planet for the Leo Lagna and in a inimical sign having 5 Bhinashtak varga points will get 2. Jupiter is Retrograde hence will behave as if in the 2nd house , hence from 1st March to 6th March Rahu will come in the 6th house from 14th July Jupiter after 6th March other planets will be favour in the coming months.